SYNENERGENE was a four-years mobilization and mutual learning action plan (MMLAP) supported by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme. The project aimed at initiating and fostering public dialogue on synthetic biology and mutual learning processes among a wide variety of stakeholders from science, industry, civil society, education, art and other fields.

SYNENERGENE has a strong orientation towards the future and its shaping. It involves citizens and societal stakeholders as real co-creators, takes scientific research and development seriously, involves a wide range of stakeholders and various disciplines, has a strong international dimension, and makes use of online communication in many ways.

The activities in the SYNENERGENE project are structured by four thematic platforms, two cross-cutting core dimensions, and two additional work packages dealing with evaluation and management of the overall project.

The fact sheet summarises all basic information about the project, including its official project title and acronym, the funding scheme, and start and end date.

SYNENERGENE partners collaborate with iGEM teams, helping to reflect policies and practices from an RRI perspective. iGEM teams can receive funding from SYNENERGENE, and first results from the collaborations in 2014 are available.

The SYNENERGENE advisory board provides ongoing feedback and advice to the consortium and the ind