Research and Policy

Research & Policy

The Research & Policy thematic space focuses on responsible research and innovation and on policy issues. This space will integrate the results of all SYNENERGENE activities with a view to enabling policy makers and other actors to jointly shape research and innovation according to societal needs. Research & Policy activities in SYNENERGENE are coordinated by KIT, UNIPD, WWICS, and TU Darmstadt. (Image: Schader Stiftung)


Enzymes "are at the center of synthetic biology" because of their ability to help make new products, said Frances Arnold, a biochemist, engineer and Dickinson professor at the California Institute of Technology.

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Recently, the European Commission updated the model grant agreement for projects funded under the Horizon 2020 research programme, calling for respecting “the principles of honesty, reliability, objectivity, impartiality, open communication, duty

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