DECHEMA 'Himmelfahrtstagung' on 'New Frontiers for Biotech-Processes'

DECHEMA 'Himmelfahrtstagung' on 'New Frontiers for Biotech-Processes'

02/05/2016 (All day) to 04/05/2016 (All day)

DECHEMA's Biochemical Engineering group organizes a 3-day annual conference, this year on the topic 'New Frontiers for Biotech-Processes'. The aim of the conference is to discuss the transfer of new biological approaches to produce highly attractive products from a proof-of-principle status to the real biotech production world. Among the topics for discussion are:

  • use of microbial or mammalian producers harboring newly engineered pathways
  • the application of biocatalysts in novel reaction systems
  • integration of modern technologies in upstream processes and for downstream processing, process control or advanced data analysis

Registration will start in the middle of February 2016, the deadline for submissions is 27 November 2015.

Julius-Wegeler-Strasse 4
56068 Koblenz