International conference: Living in Technoscientific Worlds

International conference: Living in Technoscientific Worlds

03/12/2015 (All day) to 05/12/2015 (All day)

To celebrate the launch of STS Austria, a new professional organization for Science and Technology Studies (STS) scholars, the international conference "Living in Technoscientific Worlds" invites contributions from STS scholars from within Austria as well as from the international community.

As scientific knowledge and technological innovations have become key drivers of change in contemporary societies, the questions of STS are becoming highly relevant: How do we engage with broader issues of inclusion and exclusion associated with technoscientific innovations? How are societal values expressed through – and simultaneously stabilized by – these innovations? What counts as a legitimate setting from which to make knowledge claims in democratic societies? How do our critical methods of investigation translate into methods of intervention?

The conference invites to reflect these questions and what it means to live in technoscientific worlds today. The deadline for submission of abstracts is July 15, 2015.

Maja Horst, University of Copenhagen, and Judy Wacjman, London School of Economics, have confirmed to hold a keynote presentation at the conference.

More information is available online at:

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