Workshop: Synbio and biological diversity (in German)

Workshop: Synbio and biological diversity (in German)

15/02/2017 - 9:00 to 16:00

The German Network-Forum for Biodiversity Research (NeFo) is the national focal point for scientists, policy-makers and other stakeholders working in the field of biodiversity research and policies.

With this workshop, it aims at exploring the role of synthetic biology for research on biodiversity (academic as well as other) and what consequences for (research) policy follow.

The workshop will be held in German language. Alfred Nordmann (TU Darmstadt) will represent the Synenergene perspective with a talk on 'Open Source Biodiversifizierung.  Sy nthetische Biologie und die Vergesellschaftung der Evolution?'.

Note: Language is German. Registration is required, as places are limited. To regsiter, go to:

Museum für Naturkunde
Invalidenstraße 43
10115 Berlin