Open Fora

The Civil Society Forum helps to forge a network in which civil society organisations and other stakeholders can interact and learn from each other. It will also help to feed European perspectives on RRI into civil society engagement on synthetic biology. The forum is coordinated by What Next Forum. Follow the activities of the Civil Society Forum on
The Business Forum connects private sector stakeholders to stimulate the debate on synthetic biology. It seeks to foster innovation perspectives along with a comprehensive understanding of responsible research and innovation. The forum is coordinated by Thermo Fisher Scientific.
In the Science Forum, core results of SYNENERGENE activities are discussed with researchers working in the field of synthetic biology and with scientists from various disciplines. The forum addresses issues such as future research paths of synthetic biology, application areas and funding policies. The forum is coordinated by ETH Z├╝rich.
The Policy Forum contributes to fostering an open international, transatlantic dialogue of political actors with the research community, sectors of industry and actors within civil society. It addresses questions of regulation, intellectual property rights and international cooperation. The forum is chaired by Wolf-Michael Catenhusen.
The Media Forum brings together science journalists, scientists and other players to discuss the role and perspective of science journalists and public media in the discourse and governance of science and technology. The Media Forum will also help to raise awareness of European and US media for SYNENERGENE and for synthetic biology more generally. The forum is coordinated by EUSJA.

Linking up with the expert community

Synthetic Biology and its responsible development affect several expert communities. To link up with these, SYNENERGENE has established open fora in which experts meet with partners from the consortium to exchange ideas and discuss results. The open fora also help to disseminate the results of SYNENERGENE into the different communities. These webpages present the various open fora and their work in the project.