Short reports and announcements May 2017

Short reports and announcements May 2017

Biosecurity in the Gene Synthesis Industry

As representative for Synthetic Biology industry within project Synenergene, Thermo Fisher Scientific GENEART GmbH gave a presentation at the Policy Forum on Risk Governance of Emerging Technologies organized on March 1-3 2017 in Venice, Italy by the Society for Risk Analysis.



Synenergene at Ciência Viva

As part of the Synenergene project, Ciência Viva organised two secondary teachers’ professional development training courses. These activities aim at exploring molecular biology materials and technics easily reproducible in classrooms, and help understanding the synthetic biology thematic.



Possible Tomorrows

Possible Tomorrows was an exhibition organised by Bio.Faction and shown at the Vienna Design week 2016. It introduced a selection of experimental and technical design applications hatched from the fields of biotechnology and synthetic biology.





The iGEMer’s Guide to the Future available soon

The iGEMer’s Guide to the Future is an interactive web-based tool that supports iGEM teams in their integrated human practices work, or doing responsible research and innovation.




The do-it-yourself movement as a source of innovation in biotechnology – and much more

Victor de Lorenzo and Markus Schmidt published a paper in the open access journal Microbial Biotechnology in which they present the do-it-yourself movement as a hotbed for risky, out-of-the-box research and trying somewhat crazy ideas that may help innovation.



Huib de Vriend