Message from the SYNENERGENE Network

Message from the SYNENERGENE Network

With the completion of the SYNENERGENE project (2013-2017), a fascinating journey has come to an end for the more than 25 institutional partners who took part in it, and the many people and groups with whom we interacted. Together, we not only generated a huge amount of public attention for the field of synthetic biology and its actual or potential relevance to our societies, but also organised a diverse range of opportunities for deliberation and reflection on this subject, involving a very broad spectrum of stakeholders in an inclusive fashion. With more than 150 individual events held or co-organised in Europe and the Americas, the creation of a wide variety of information and dialogue materials, and the building of a multi-stakeholder network, SYNENERGENE has made a major contribution to the current efforts to foster responsible research and innovation (RRI) in synthetic biology, and adjacent fields of research and development.

Although the project has now been completed, the contents of this website will still be accessible in the coming years (as a web archive). Further materials from and on SYNENERGENE will be uploaded to the KIT website

Moreover, the SYNENERGENE network will continue to exist. If you are interested in engaging with us about synthetic biology and related topics, please send your messages to contact [at] at any time.

We are looking forward a great deal to future cooperation on this important field and its societal aspects, and wish to thank all our partners for the fruitful exchanges and contacts we have enjoyed over the past few years.