SYNENERGENE and its online tools and activities (Prezi)

SYNENERGENE and its online tools and activities (Prezi)

Within the SYNENERGENE project, a number of online tools and activities have been developed and are yet going to be developed besides the main web presence on

There are tools for a range of target groups and perspectives. 

Synthetic Biology Monitor

The Synthetic Biology Monitor (SBM) has been developed by University of Padua. The SBM is an online database on the ethical, legal, and social aspects of synthetic biology. It collects and make available for consultations metadata from social sciences literature databases and other online resources. The target group are social scientists and professionals involved in the synthetic biology field. 

Biocommons is a federated wiki with detailled information about the activities and ideas in and needs of the DIYbio scene. It is as a nonlinear book written by members of the global DIYbio Scene, which is continously updated. It can be used by citizen and Scientists interested in DIYbio and Biocommons as well as by policy makers.
SynBio Watch
SynBio Watch is a platform for Civil Society views on Synthetic Biology. The mainly involved SYNENERGENE partners are etc Group and the What Next Institute. theme pages and dialogue tool
On the dutch website you can find information and opinions on SynBio. Dutch Readers and educators can become engaged in a dialogue. 
The Making_life website gives visibility to the making_life project and connects people. The main target group are non science practicioners like artists, designers, and the DIY community. 
You can subscribe to the SYNENERGENE-Newsletter or access the past newsletters under "Resources". The newsletter is provided by LIS Consult and WWICS.
...and there is more to come in 2016, most notably a platform with teaching materials for teachers and informal educators, a "TransLearning" map with experiences of SYNENERGENE partners, and an online citizens' consultation.

 The main online tools and activities are shown in this prezi:

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